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Moxibustion & Infra-Red Therapy

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While modern medicine is necessary for a variety of sicknesses and diseases, it isn’t the only treatment method. Actually, it often isn’t even the best available treatment method! Instead of spending money on drugs and possibly damaging treatments, patients should first consider Chinese therapeutic medical practices for a variety of ailments. These practices include moxibustion and infrared light treatment.

What is Moxibustion?

Moxibustion is a Chinese medicine therapy that involves the use of mugwort, which is dried and burnt. The dried mugwort is referred to as “moxa.” The term “moxa” means “restoring something to its original appearance,” which is similar to what moxa helps to do in the process of moxibustion.

Moxa is actually used for a variety of different things in Chinese culture—from bathing to repelling mosquitoes. This universal plant is extremely powerful, and can help the body in a variety of ways. Because of this, moxibustion is often used in situations in which acupuncture and other forms of bodywork aren’t enough to fully treat an ailment.

Moxibustion is known as a “green therapy,” because it has no known side effects. The therapy involves the stimulation of acupuncture points in the body to increase the flow of chi, and resolve various medical issues. Moxibustion has also been said to extend the life of patients, and help to clear out patient’s kidneys.

The moxibustion process produces infrared radiation that can penetrate deeper than normal infrared. This helps to promote cell growth by activating the protein complex activin. This also helps to boost the immune system. Moxibustion also helps to refresh the meridians in the body, which in turn encourages the flow of chi. Meridians are essentially the channels that chi energy flows through, which connect different acupuncture points. Chinese treatments such as moxibustion help to increase chi by positively affecting various acupuncture points.

Yang Energy

Yang energy is considered by the Chinese to be the energy of life. As people age, their yang energy increases to a certain point, then decreases in a bell curve. As people live longer, their yang energy is slowly consumed. Moxibustion helps to deliver a pure form of yang energy, which boosts health, treats diseases and increases the life force of a patient.

It’s important to understand that unhealthy practices affect yang energy. As people continue to eat unhealthy foods, breathe in toxins, smoke and engage in other unhealthy activities, their yang energy will decrease at an expedient rate. Moxibustion helps to treat and reverse the damage done by the lifestyles most modern people live.

Red Light Therapy / Infra-Red

Red light therapy is a practice that involves the use of infrared light energy to treat various skin issues, increase hair growth, reduce psoriasis, heal sun damage, diminish scarring and more. More advanced light therapy may even be able to help with the treatment of traumatic brain injury, and may help to regenerate damaged nerves. Red light therapy is still being researched, and more and more benefits are being found.

Infrared light therapy involves visible red and invisible infrared light to stimulate a series of metabolic events. These lights are absorbed by photoreceptors in the cell, which puts the entire healing process in motion. The blood flow of a patient is increased, and the body is able to better receive the nutrients and oxygen that it needs to thrive and repair damage. This process reduces inflammation, while also stimulating regeneration.

While an infrared therapy bed can be pretty expensive, many acupuncture and Chinese medicine practices have an infrared bed available.

Am I a Candidate For Treatment?

In order to better understand alternative medicines, visit a practice that specializes in infrared light treatment, or Chinese medicine. Often times acupuncture practices offer moxibustion treatment, and sometimes infrared light treatment. Along with these treatments, alternative Chinese medicine practices may offer:


Acupuncture is an ancient medical treatment that involves the use of needles to stimulate the flow of chi. This can help to treat a variety of different ailments, including: muscle pain, depression, headaches, migraines and more. Acupuncture is among the most popular forms of Chinese medicine, and due to its growth in popularity, more qualified practitioners are practicing this ancient form of medicine than ever before.

There are a variety of different forms of acupuncture that are available. In order to better understand these different treatments, speak with a certified acupuncturist.

Herbal Medicine

While many people rely on various drugs (whether they be over-the-counter or prescribed by a doctor), there actually is another form of treatment that many people never consider—herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has been practiced since ancient times, and various herbs have been used all over the world to treat a variety of different ailments. Due to international trade and an expansion of information about herbs and plants from around the world, many healing herbs that were only found in remote areas are now available in the United States. Because of this, patients are now able to treat their illnesses and pain with natural supplements, instead of relying on artificial drugs.

Nutrition Counseling

Many modern ailments are directly caused by a lack of necessary nutrients, and an increase in foods in the diet that cause sickness. Due to modern, processed foods, an increase in heart disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes has occurred. In order to treat these diseases and health issues, the underlying problem must be addressed—poor nutrition.

Many herbal medicine and acupuncture practices also offer nutrition counseling. This helps patients to not only lose weight, but boost their health and improve their flow of chi.

Set an Appointment Today

If you still have questions about moxibustion, infrared light treatment, acupuncture or any other form of alternative medicine, speak with a practitioner today. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, and will be able to work with you to put the best treatment plan together to decrease your pain, treat your illness and ensure your ongoing excellent health.

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Sunae Son, L.Ac, M.S.O.M. has spent much of her life exploring and researching western and eastern medicines, combining these practices over a decade of field and laboratory studies into mindful patient care in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Bodywork

Bodywork helps to reconnect the body with the mind, which in turn improves chi and overall wellness.


This ancient treatment has helped people for literally thousands of years to relieve a variety of different conditions.

Moxibustion & Infra-Red Therapy

The therapy involves the stimulation of acupuncture points in the body to increase the flow of chi.

Herbal Medicine & Dietary Counseling

Through gathering of different plants, our ancestors were able to decipher what these plants could be used to treat.