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Acupuncture Center Chicago Square Logo

17 N. Wabash Ave. Ste 678 Chicago, IL 60602

New Patient Information

First Visit Expectations

Below are Basic Questions and Expections of your First Visit

  1. Please print and complete the New Patient Documents provided below and bring them with you to our first appointment.
  2. Our first visits typically take a little longer than routine visits. Please allow up to 90 minutes for our first session.
  3. Make sure you're as thorough as possible regarding your history. The more detailed you are, the better treatment you will receive.
  4. Acupuncture is typically painless. Some points may have tingling sensations. Most patients find the experience extremely relaxing.
  5. Please wear loose fitting clothing.
  6. Skip tongue scraping the morning of your appointment. You may return to your typical routine immediate after appointment.
  7. It is important to stay hydrated after our appointment. Take notes about how you feel following the visit and share with Sunae as needed.
  8. It's important to be well rested. Make sure you get ample sleep the night prior and night of your appointment.

Services We Offer : Conveniently Located in the Chicago Loop

Sunae Son, L.Ac, M.S.O.M. has spent much of her life exploring and researching western and eastern medicines, combining these practices over a decade of field and laboratory studies into mindful patient care in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Bodywork

Bodywork helps to reconnect the body with the mind, which in turn improves chi and overall wellness.


This ancient treatment has helped people for literally thousands of years to relieve a variety of different conditions.

Moxibustion & Infra-Red Therapy

The therapy involves the stimulation of acupuncture points in the body to increase the flow of chi.

Herbal Medicine & Dietary Counseling

Through gathering of different plants, our ancestors were able to decipher what these plants could be used to treat.